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Synthador is an analog warrior in a digital world, a musical practitioner of lucha libre from parts unknown, whose mysterious past is the prologue to a sound as unique as its creator. Like the style of wrestling that inspired his secret identity, Synthador’s music is characterized by a mix of high-flying athleticism and chill-out rest-holds.  

To achieve his musical ends, Synthador employs analog synthesizers and drum machines, and recorded his forth-coming release directly to tape. Anyone who listens to his music on vinyl can delight in knowing that the pure analog signal path of his music is being transmitted straight from his synths to their ears, having never crossed the digital threshold to ones and zeroes on a hard drive. 

Ever elusive, the itinerant musician is believed to reside somewhere in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Synthador is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a custom-made luchador mask, and he is preparing to emerge from the shadows with his forthcoming debut EP, "Rhythmic Plancha". 

It has been a long, strange trip for the enigmatic Synthador, and he hopes that you will join him on the next leg of the journey. Get lost in the wilderness of music which is as hard to categorize as its creator.